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A Basic Course in Hellenistic Astrology:
An Introduction to The System of Hermes

After many years of work, and based on his long involvement with the original sources since the beginning of Project Hindsight in 1993, the first part of Robert Schmidt's premier audio course on Hellenistic natal astrology has just been released. Planned for twelve parts in all, this course is much more than a simple introduction. In it you will find all the core concepts and techniques of the original system of Hellenistic astrological practice, a system that Schmidt calls the The System of Hermes in honor of its putative founder, organized into a coherent and self-contained system. There is an abundance of new material never before presented, and everything else has been completely rethought. At the present time, this course is the only way available of gaining a comprehensive overview of the practice of Hellenistic astrology.

The cost of the course is $200.00 per part for subscribers to the TARES series, and $250.00 per part for non-subscribers. Part One is available for immediate download. If you wish a CD in MP3 format as well, add an additional $6.00 for shipping & handling.

The first part is ten hours long, and each remaining part will contain at least six hours of lectures. Subsequent parts of the course should be released at the rate of one every month or two.

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