Robert H. Schmidt's
NEW series of four-day intensives
on Hellenistic Astrology


Robert H. Schmidt has begun an extensive series of four-day Lecture-Intensives on Hellenistic Astrology.  Each will present one of the many wonderful new discoveries he has made about the theory and practice of Hellenistic Astrology during his research into ancient sources over the past 12 years. The first intensive was held in November; the second in December. Beginning in March 2009 they will be scheduled monthly throughout the coming year and beyond.  Each of these intensives will feature six hours of lecture every day for four days, for a total of 24 hours concentration on the main subject.  In addition, there will a one-hour lecture every evening on some different  “surprise” topic that will anticipate future intensives, add something new to a previous intensive, or perhaps his hour talk will be just a single self-contained little gem of information.  Altogether, each four-day intensive will be crammed with new material.  Schmidt is glad to be lecturing again on a regular basis.


Presented so far:

The Hermetic Lots: The Hellenistic Gateway to the Soul
  The Gateway to a complete Hellenistic Theory of Personality
(Available now on Mp3-format CD - see details)

The Hellenistic Doctrine of Planetary Configuration
  Including Aspect and Testimony
(Available now on Mp3-format CD - see details)

The Image and the Original in Hellenistic Astrology
  Featuring The Magic of the Twelfth Parts
(Available soon on Mp3-format CD)

Hellenistic Delineation Principles
  Including the Preliminary Natal Analysis
(Available soon on Mp3-format CD)


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We will be putting up a number of new announcements soon.

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